My diet and weight loss challenge with Raspberry Ketones and Body Cleanse Plus

It’s 27th March today, so about 6 weeks after I started my diet challenge. During this time I’ve taken 2 Raspberry ketone tablets every morning and 3 Body cleanse tablets every evening. For the 10-14 days my weight stayed much the same. I did find I was able to hold off snacking between meals, so it seemed there was some effect there. After about 2 weeks I did notice the weight had started to come off, and as time went on the pace of my weight loss increased.

During the 6 weeks I managed a bit of exercise every day, and some days I made time for a 45-60 minute walk. Having said that there were days when I just couldn’t fit anything much in. I mostly kept away from sugar and sugary foods. I did manage to avoid processed food for about 90% of the time, just eating and cooking from fresh ingredients, and I tried to eat more vegetables rather than more carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes or rice to fill me up. I did have the occasional glass of wine, and once or twice had a glass of lager.

I stood on the scales this morning and I weigh only fractionally over 8 1/2 stone / around 54kg. So I’m pretty much at my target. I have lots of energy, I am sleeping well and waking up refreshed. My urge to do more exercise has increased over the 6 weeks and I really make the effort to find time to get a walk in every day somehow. I have to say I feel great.

Since losing the weight so far has been successful I think I will continue with a target of about 8 1/4 stone/ about 52.4kg, and then stop there. I’ll carry on as before and report back.

All good so far.


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