New customer for Child Oximeters – the Malaria Consortium

 We are proud to say that we have sold 5 of our Child Oximeters to the Malaria Consortium for the Pneumonia Diagnostics Project that is looking at the best Oximeter devices to help with diagnostics in the developing world.
qa_pink touched 01   The CMS50QA Child Oximeter.

About the Malaria Consortium

Established in 2003, Malaria Consortium is one of the world’s leading non-profit organisations specialising in the prevention, control and treatment of malaria and other communicable diseases  among vulnerable populations. We have increasingly found our work on malaria can be effectively integrated with similar public health interventions for greater impact and have therefore expanded our remit to include child health and  neglected tropical disease interventions. Our areas of expertise include:

  • disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment
  • disease control and elimination
  • health systems strengthening
  • research, monitoring and evaluation leading to best practice
  • behaviour change communication
  • national and international advocacy, and policy development

Improved tools for the measurement of respiratory rate
and oxygen saturation for diagnosis of pneumonia.
This project aims to identify the most accurate, acceptable, scalable and user-friendly
respiratory rate timers and pulse oximeters for diagnosis of pneumonia symptoms in
children by community health workers and first-level health facility workers in four
low-income countries

Below is the PDF of the project


Malaria Consortium website

Both are well worth and look and supporting.


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