My diet and weight loss challenge with Raspberry Ketone Slim Tone and Colon Body Cleanse pills

It’s Wednesday 12th February and I’ve just stood on the scales and I currently weigh just under 9 stone – about 8 stone 13lb I reckon. That’s just over 56kg I think.

My target weight is 8 1/2 stone, which is about 53kg. So I have about 6lbs or just over 3kg to lose.

I just haven’t been able to lose this weight, although I’ve been careful with my diet for about a month now, and I have tried to do excercise every day. It’s getting frustrating, so it’s time for a concerted effort.

I am taking 2 of our Raspberry Ketone Slim Tone plus fat burn ¬†weight loss pills now with a glass of water, and before bed I’ll take 3 Colon Body Cleanse¬†body detox tablets with another glass of water. So every morning from now on I’ll take the Raspberry Ketone (2) tablets, and every evening I’ll take the Colon Cleanse (3) tablets.

I will continue with my exercise routine, which basically involves trying to walk for a minimum of half an hour every day, preferably nearer an hour’s walking. It’s rather hard to fit into a working day with small children I find.

I’ll also keep watching my diet. I cut out sugar completely, and processed foods and eat more vegetables and meat/fish and less pasta/ potatoes etc, although I have no hard and fast rules. I only drink alcohol once or twice a week.

Let’s see what happens! Watch this space…


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