Keto Diet Pills Instant 1500 Extra Strength Advanced 120 capsules 2 month supply


Note the capsules are not vegetarian.


The ultimate advanced keto pure supplement formula developed specifically for use alongside keto or low carb diets to boost blood ketone levels & kickstart ketosis to really accelerate dieting results.

The body can burn ketones in place of carbs, and in ketosis this is what the body does, effectively burning fat in place of sugar & carbs. Ketones are produced by the body itself, but can also be supplied through supplements.

Ketone salts help the body’s transition into the keto diet reducing keto flu symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, muscle cramps, constipation, bad breath & sleeplessness. Specially blended to supply minerals & salts hard to obtain on the keto diet, Instant Keto 1500 capsules help support rehydration & better muscle function, reduce irritability & stress & provide a natural boost to your energy & momentum.

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Check Out The Benefits!

– Provides natural energy & reduces fatigue

– Helps curb hunger pangs & fight snack cravings by lessening your appetite

– Helps rapid ketosis, boosts weight loss & promotes fat loss

– High strength dose (1500mg) & premium quality ingredients for optimum dieting results

– Capsules are not too big, easy to swallow & no horrible aftertaste

– Clear, concise dosage instructions

– More convenient than drinks or powders

– Massive 2 month supply (120 capsules) with tamper proof seal

– Supports rehydration, balances electrolytes, aids sleep quality & patterns

– Aids athletic performance & recovery so you can work out longer & harder

– No carbs or added sugar

– Maximises your weight loss results & optimises your keto diet


  • ACCELERATE YOUR RESULTS: Advanced formula developed specially for men & women to work alongside keto or low carb diets to help diet transition, reduce keto flu symptoms & get you into ketosis faster promoting fat loss
  • EASY TO SWALLOW, NO BAD AFTER TASTE: The capsules are not too big with clear, concise instructions & dosage. 2 month large supply & tamper evident seal for your safety. Handy to pop in your bag unlike drinks & powders
  • KEEPS YOU ALERT & FIRED UP: Provides natural, clean energy, reduces fatigue, helps curb hunger pangs, aids sleep quality & patterns, aids athletic performance & recovery, reduces stress & irritability
  • HELP SHIFT THE BODY INTO KETOSIS FASTER while the capsules supply minerals hard to obtain on a keto diet, replenish electrolyte balance, support rehydration & better muscle function so you burn fat faster
  • MADE IN THE USA from premium grade, high strength ingredients in an FDA registered facility complying with GMP standards. No carbs or added sugar.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


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