Epilady Esthetic Electronic Facial Epilator


This top of the range facial epilator has been one of Epilady’s best sellers for years, and Epilady’s name is renowned for its superb electrical epilators.

This is simply one of the best facial epilators on the market.

The Esthetic EP803-10 Facial Epilator is specially designed for use on fine facial hair, and is unparalleled for its precise control and ease of use.



– Easy to use

– Compact, ergonomic, lightweight

– Bestseller for many years

– Quiet and efficient

– Leaves skin blemish free and baby soft

– 1 year warranty

– Runs off 2 x AA batteries which are included free

– Free First Class UK postage

– UK seller with excellent customer service

– 100% satisfaction guarantee

Safe and delicate on the skin, the Esthetic Facial Epilator is easy to operate and to clean, and weighs less than 120g with the batteries in.

The Esthetic has a coil that rotates at high speeds removing the finest and shortest hairs at the roots. It has a minimum running time of 60 minutes.

For use on dry skin.

Tips for use:

  • Make sure there is no makeup or moisturizer residue on your face before epilating.
  • Epilate gently against the direction of hair growth. The angle is important. Hold the machine on your face so that it is next to your skin all the way down the head.
  • This will be like putting your index finger on your face, but touching with the whole finger, and not just the tip. The epilating happens on the inner loop of the coil. If you look at the Esthetic, you will see that it needs to be flush against the face for it to work right.
  • If you are holding it so that the tip only is touching, it will not remove hair – the tweezers are not yet closed, so they do not grab the hair.Do not press down on the skin. Hold the epilator lightly over the epilated are. Pressing down will reduce efficiency, as it makes it virtually impossible for the epilator to grab the hair.
  • Do not hold it stationary over one place for too long.
  • Do not apply any moisturizers or creams until 30-60 minutes after you have finished epilating, to avoid clogging the hair shafts. Let them close naturally.

Please consult your doctor before using this product if you have any of the following: wounds, acne, eczema, psoriasis, a prevalence to allergies, raised moles, veining or high colouring (Rosacea), reduced immunity of the skin, e.g. if you have diabetes or are pregnant, hemophilia or immune deficiency. 

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