4 x Cosmetic IPL Laser Gel 250ml Bottles – Evanmore Clear, Odourless, High Viscosity


Evanmore IPL Cosmetic Laser Gel is a high viscosity water soluble gel designed to work for a wide range of frequencies and is suitable for any procedure that requires a viscous coupling gel. With it’s higher viscosity than normal ultrasound gels, it is especially suitable for all IPL, laser, cavitation, epilight and ultrasound procedures.

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4 x 250ml Evanmore IPL Laser Gel Bottles

  • HIGH VISCOSITY GEL DESIGNED FOR A WIDE RANGE OF FREQUENCIES- Ideal for all IPL, laser, cavitation, epilight and ultrasound treatments. Suitable for all devices that need a viscous coupling gel
  • CLEAR, COLOURLESS, ODOURLESS, FORMALDEHYDE FREE GEL- 100% safe to use, non-sensitising and non-irritating to the skin and won’t stain your clothes or damage equipment
  • EASY AND COMFORTABLE TO USE – It’s so easy to apply as it’s light and fluid but doesn’t dribble or drip. Just as easy to wipe off afterwards and doesn’t leave your skin greasy or sticky.
  • GREAT QUALITY GEL – Not sticky or drippy, this premium gel doesn’t dry fast like other gels so you don’t need to keep re-applying.
  • LONG SHELF LIFE – Our gel has a shelf life of over 2 years, much longer than most other gels and our useful sized bottles last for ages and are super easy to use     

Check out the benefits:

– Easy to use. It doesn’t dribble or drip, it’s not sticky or greasy and wipes off easily afterwards leaving no mess behind. The 250ml bottles are a comfortable size and easy to handle.

– 100% safe. Free of formaldehyde the gel is colourless, completely odourless and hypoallergenic so it won’t stain clothes, irritate your skin or damage equipment.

– Highly conductive. Makes a great contact between your skin and the treatment device allowing for better results.

– High quality gel. Doesn’t dry our fast like other gels so you don’t need to keep re-applying and the bottle lasts for ages.

– Long shelf life. Unlike many gels Evanmore gels comes with a shelf life of 2+ years.

– Facial Use. Suitable for use on the face as well as the body.

Tips for use:

It is recommended initially to use plenty of gel to establish a good contact between your treatment device and the skin.

IPL gel often feels cold against the skin. I find putting the bottle in a sink of warm water for 10 minutes before use makes all the difference.

Evanmore aqueous transmission gel works best for hair removal lasers or other depilatory instruments compared to standard ultra sound gels or creams. The 250ml bottle size saves complicated refill procedures from cubitainers.

Directions for Use: 
Apply liberally to relevant area before each use. 
Clean equipment after use.
For external use only.

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