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Green Superfood Powder Blend Mix Super Complete Greens 250g 50 Servings Smoothie

Our amazing green powder is a potent supplier of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. Incorporating an impressive line-up of raw, pure highest potency fruit and vegetable powders and extracts, one daily spoonful brings big wellness benefits.

100% natural, ultra-convenient way to get your daily greens and generously cover your daily nutritional needs: our microfine powder is so easy to use and to mix with no bad smell at all…and the taste is not too bad either!

100% Confidence in what you’re putting in your body:

Each & every batch is tested for microbiology, yeasts & moulds. Naturally grown without pesticides or herbicides our superfood ingredients are 100% clean, pure nutrition of the highest quality. In fact each batch of each green ingredient is traceable back to the farmer or harvester, place and date of production.

Grown without chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides and blended without fillers, artificial sweeteners, bulking agents our gluten free, soya free, dairy free, non GMO powder is absolutely pure.

Packed in tamper evident, resealable bags for lasting freshness.

250g/ 50 days supply means unbeatable value for money and our 30 Day No Quibble satisfaction Guarantee and excellent Customer Service mean you have nothing to lose.

A great way to start the day for a real energy boost!

Check out the benefits:

This green ultimate nutrition intake is loaded with functional superfoods scientifically proven to bring you a vast array of health and wellness benefits – all in one scoop! Take it daily and reap all the benefits:


    Start the day with this and feel energised, vital and ready to take on the world with more get up and go naturally without any unhealthy stimulants, afternoons slumps, caffeine or sugar crashes.


    Take this great green stuff consistently for results you can see and feel reducing tiredness and fatigue and often giving a noticeable shift in your wellbeing, memory, mental energy & ability, clarity and mood.


    The antioxidant rich nature of the blend helps neutralise free radicals to keep your body healthy, boost the immune system and help fight infections and disease.


    Naturally alkalising and neutralising to balance body pH and maintain healthy alkalinity for better overall health & well-being.

  • DETOX:

    Chlorella & Spirulina have been shown to be highly effective at detoxing the body, especially from heavy metals, and for cleaning and purifying the blood.


    With 32,6% Protein and 32% Fibre and a plethora of nutrient dense herbs Evanmore’s supergreen blend can help with weight loss, curb appetite and control hunger pangs, naturally stimulate and boost metabolism and aid digestion. It’s friendly for all diets whether you favour keto, paleo, low carb or intermittent fasting, or any others.


    It delivers a vast array of vitamins & minerals including Vitamins C, E, Beta carotene, sodium, potassium and magnesium to help keep you healthy and well, to keep your skin glowing and minimise premature ageing.

Here’s what our superfood powder can give you:

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    A potent, nutrient dense blend of super greens 100% naturally grown without pesticides or chemicals, vegan & vegetarian friendly, gluten free, soya free, dairy free and non GMO. With absolutely NO Additives.. Just 100% clean supergreens bursting with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, fibre & protein to enhance overall health & well-being & help fight against disease. Alkalising & neutralising to restore normal pH balance and maintain healthy alkalinity

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    Without any nasty “Ew” smell or gag-inducing taste you’ll love how easy it is to use this epic superfood blend and how it mixes in so quickly. It;’s completely faff – free, time-saving, fab in smoothies, juices & drinks or added to oats, yoghurt or cooking. All you need in one scoop- daily greens with no messy clean-up operation after. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the taste. 250g/ 50 days supply means unbeatable value for money.


    Boost your energy levels, vitality, well-being, immune system, concentration & focus with this ultimate natural nutrition hit. This stuff can make a difference to how you feel in a matter of days. You’ll love this SUPER ENERGY! It’s better than coffee or sugar 🙂 without the caffeine or sugar crash. Energy & vitality through the day and no afternoon slump. These amazing greens encourage glowing clear, bright skin & boosts your immune system.

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    The protein and fibre rich profile of this epic powder helps suppress your appetite and keep those hunger pangs and cravings at bay if you’re trying to lose pounds. A little goes a long way to keep you hunger free for hours and hours. This green gold is packed with pure, high potency phytonutrients that can help purify, clean & detox your blood and aid digestion, helping your weight loss efforts and overall health. Put a zing in your step!

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    We’re so convinced you’ll love our product we offer a 30 day 100% No Quibble Satisfaction Guarantee. What’s more you’ll find you can’t fault our prompt, friendly customer service. We like to keep our customers for life! Our carefully formulated essential wellness blend of premium quality greens is tested, blended & packed in the UK to the highest possible standards and in tamper-evident resealable bags to preserve quality and freshness.

DIRECTIONS: Add and stir in 1 serving (1 heaped teaspoonful/ 5g) of super green powder to your hot or cold drink, smoothie or cooking at least once a day. Do not exceed 4 servings a day.

Very occasionally people don’t get on with a particular superfood ingredient or find starting at a full 5g dose is too much for their system. We recommend starting with a 1g dose, then increasing to 2g the next day, 3g the next etc. until you reach the full 5g dose.

INGREDIENTS: Chlorella, Spirulina, Barleygrass, Wheatgrass, Maca, Kelp, Baobab & Acai

CAUTIONS: Packed in a facility that also handles nuts. Keep out of reach of children. Product not suitable for people under 16. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Food supplements are not intended to replace a balanced, varied diet. As with all food supplements, consult your doctor if you are already taking prescribed medication, are pregnant or breastfeeding. This product is sold as a food supplement. The statements in this product description do not imply this product has any medical properties or efficacy.


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