The Team

Evanmore Directors

Vicky Warrell

I live by the beach on the east coast and have a young family. I worked for 20 years for a Sri Lankan organic tea and spice grower, and in fact I still work a few days a week for them. When my daughter was born I realised that trailing endlessly around the world fund-raising for new projects and marketing existing ones was not easy with a baby. This was an under statement of the facts. It was a nightmare. So I agreed to do a few days a week from home with the organic stuff and I started sourcing and selling a very small range of carefully chosen products to supplement the family income. All the products in my range were ones I had used at home myself or with the family and would not want to be without. After 18 months when there were too many orders for me to handle alone, my good friends Duncan and Ilona agreed to “help”. Two years later there’s no escape for them as the business continues to expand and go from strength to strength with the launch of Evanmore Ltd and of our own website.

Duncan Livermore

Duncan has done everything from working as a nuclear safety officer to spending 8 years as a computer geek for city banks. He finally took off his sharp-ish suit (he’d already taken off the spaceman suit some years before) and retired to Yorkshire to buy and sell antiques and collectables. Duncan now handles Evanmore’s accounts and stock and has just retrained himself as our official photographer. Duncan and Ilona live in a real back-to-back terrace and have an allotment by the canal.

Ilona Evans

Ilona lives in Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire, puts up with Duncan and drinks as much tea as possible. Ilona claims to really enjoy packing up and addressing all the orders each day, for which the rest of us can only be grateful. Ilona genuinely does check every order she sends out carefully to make sure everything is in order, and also handles most of the questions and queries that come in every day. When not busy with Evanmore stuff she buys and sells antiques and collectables and also fills the tiny front yard up with green things in pots. While trawling the car boot sales for stock Ilona picks up lots of tiny, often glinty, small, small treasures for Vicky’s daughter to gloat over and cover the floor and all available surfaces with.

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